We install various types of prime armed specimens, creating custom landscapes or a wonderful centerpiece to your driveway planter. Many of our specimens are quite special due to their symmetrical arms and absence of bird holes and other blemishes.



All rocks are removed and wet sand is blended into the soil mixture. The roots are then dusted with powdered sulfur. The plant is positioned into the receiving hole and lowered to the correct planting position. A special soil mixture is added to hole in stages and packed firmly at each interval. The support chain is removed prior to final backfilling. The plant is then released from ratchet support and ready for final adjustment.



The plant is first excavated on the "truck side" of the saguaro. It is then secured to the hydraulic boom with carpet and ratchet straps. Being secured to the boom, the plant can now be completely excavated. The saguaro is then supported with the chain under the "crotch" of the root system and hydraulically lifted for transportation to planting hole.



The cactus is first stabilized by a high tension strap and line so we can begin the removal process. Once tethered, several larger arms are sawn from the trunk. We are then able to pull the entire trunk section of the saguaro safely out of the area.



Bacterial Necrosis is by far the greatest nemesis to the Saguaro Cactus and other cacti in the Sonoran Desert. This soil born bacteria can enter a healthy plant through root injury (making transplanted cacti more vulnerable) or infecting the upper portions of a cactus being transmitted by insects, birds or other means. If caught early, depending on the location of the bacteria, this can be treated by removal of infected cactus flesh, then disinfecting the affected area with a bleach solution.


Once the infection has well advanced, the plant is effectively dead and has become a safety hazard that should be professionally removed before suddenly toppling and seriously injuring someone.


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