My Agave is blooming!

It is that time of year. Many of those residing in the Southwest will see magnificent stalks starting to form in the middle of their agave plants. From that stalk will come gorgeous flowers and eventually seed pods. The agave plant has been storing sugars for years to make enough energy for the final flowering show. The stored sugars in agave are the raw fuel of tequila and certainly a topic for another blog post unto itself………….

Agave are monocarpic which means they die after flowering. Succulents in the yucca family do not die after flowering and flowering can be every 1-3 years depending on weather conditions.

Fortunately many species of agave “pup” and form a colony of clones around the mother plant. These clones continue to grow and will eventually bloom themselves. There are also agaves that do not “pup” at all. Enjoy the show everyone!


Mike Hymson

Arctic Cactus

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