Organ Pipe Cactus


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The organ pipe cactus is a spectacular columnar cactus from the Sonoran desert.  Organ pipe cactus can get twenty feet tall and have many arms(strems) that grow from the bottom of the plant and reach skyward.  Full to half day sun and well drained soil is a must.  Never over water.  The organ pipe is sensitive to cold and will not tolerate temperatures below 32 without incurring tip damage.  Organ pipe is a spectacular landscape plant for those that live in Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Las Vegas and even Southern California.  Please cover the growing tips with styrofoam cups and cover with frost cloth if a freeze is in the forcast.    If you would like to have an Organ pipe, but live in cold weather, give the plant as much sun as you can in either a window or sun room.  5gal plants are 18″ tall.  Larger plant available upon request.

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